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Golf Body-Swing Connection 5/8 - The Cervical Spine

When it comes to the #golfswing, many people don't think of the #neckplaying any role...until it starts to cause problems and becomes painful.💥 During the #backswing, golfers aim to keep the head still to focus on the ball. In doing so, players are actually moving their torso around their neck, creating relative neck rotation - players typically need 80 degrees of cervical rotation to prevent injury. 🙆‍♀️

Perform the cervical rotation test to see if you have adequate neck #rotation. Stand tall with your feet together and toes pointing forward. Rotate your head as far as possible to the left↪, and try and touch your collar bone with your chin (keeping your mouth closed). Repeat toward the right side. ↩

Cervical Rotation Body-Swing Connection: Limited cervical spine rotation can mimic thoracic rotation problems and can lead to compensations such as loss of posture & flat shoulder plane, making the swing less efficient and less powerful. Common causes of limited #cervicalrotation include muscular, capsular and myofascial #restrictions in the cervical spine. #Chiropractors are specially trained medical professionals to help with all of the above and are a great resource to get you back to playing pain free.👩‍⚕️ If you are experiencing any #neckpain or #neckstiffness, don't wait for the pain and #discomfort to go away on its own, contact your local #chiropractor today!🙋🏽‍♀️ Tag #swingfreefebruary and #drpricciardelli to show me your progress!

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