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TPI Niagara: The Ankle & Golf

The ankle is an important mobile segment that is often over looked; the ankle & foot have a large effect on each other & play an important role in the golf swing.

👩🏽Lack of mobility in the ankle joint can lead to abnormal stresses in the ankle & foot leading to arch collapse & injuries (such as Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, & more). It can also be a contributing factor to loss of posture and early extension.

🏌🏻‍♂️If we do not have adequate mobility in the ankle joint we won't be able to load the ground efficiently. What often results is pressure moving out towards our toes, pushing our pelvis closer to the ball. This results in a loss of posture and really compromises our ability to make solid contact with the ball.

💪There are numerous drills to help improve ankle mobility. Today we are focusing improving dorsiflexion which arguably has the most impact on your golf swing as it can alter posture and cause early extension.  

💪If you struggle with ankle mobility you first need to identify where your restriction is in order to make the necessary changes.

💪Restriction in the back?

Foam roll the calves for 30 seconds each. You'll want to relax and roll slowly over each area. Then follow the 3-point matrix drill completing two sets of 5 reps while holding each rep for 10 seconds.

💪Restriction in the front?

Pin down the talus bone located on top of the ankle joint while going through the 3-point matrix drill.        

💪Incorporate these drills at least three to four times per week

Have any questions? Leave us a comment!

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Golf Pro: @adamsteinschiftergolf

Fitness Pro: @nathane_jackson

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