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Golf Body-Swing Connection 6/8 - The Shoulder Girdle

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

The shoulder girdle is a complex arrangement of bones (scapula, humerus & clavicle), ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Its 2 main segments include the glenohumeral joint (mobile segment) and the scapulothoracic junction (stable segment). Therefore the primary function of the #shouldergirdle is to give strength, stability & range of motion to the arm.💪

A combination of #mobility and #stability is very important in the #golfswing.🏌️‍♀️ Many #golfers will lose shoulder range of motion in their golf posture due to lack of scapular (shoulder blade) stability. The shoulder 90/90 test measures the player's range of external rotation in the #shoulderand their ability to maintain #scapularstability during the golf swing.

To perform the 90/90 test, begin by standing tall with your right arm and elbow bent to 90 degrees. Moving only at the shoulder joint, bend your arm backward (external rotation). Repeat opposite side. Make note if your arm is less than, equal to, or greater than spine angle. Next, begin in golf set up posture, again raising the arm and elbow to a 90 degree position, then externally rotating. If your shoulder ROM decreases when in golf posture, you have poor scapular stability - this outcome will likely lead to injury.

Shoulder 90/90 Body Swing Connection: During the backswing, the trail arm needs to externally rotate in order to the elevate the club without compromising posture. On the downswing, external rotation in the lead arm helps get the club on plane for impact. Lack of external rotation in either shoulder often leads to shoulder injuries due to poor mechanics & increased biomechanical forces across the joint.

#Shouldermobility and scapular stability #exercises will improve the golf swing and prevent further injury!💥😃

  1. Shoulder CARs

  2. Windshield Wipers

  3. Serratus Plank Push Up

  4. Forearm Slides (with band)

  5. Wall Walks (with band)

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