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Golf Body-Swing Connection 7/8 - Forearms & Wrists

Wrist and forearm #mobility is imperative for proper set and release of the #golfclub, as well as power production in the #golfswing. 🏌️‍♀️ The following are tests for #wrist and #forearm range of motion (start position for all tests is arms by your side, elbows bent to 90 degrees, making a fist):✊🏼

  1. Wrist Hinge Tests: Begin in start position with thumbs up 👍, hinge your wrists up (radial deviation) and down (ulnar deviation). Normal radial deviation is 20 degrees; normal ulnar deviation is 30 degrees.

  2. Wrist Flexion / Extension Test: Begin in start position with palms down🤜, bend both fists downward toward the ground (flexion), then upward toward the ceiling (extension). Normal wrist flexion & extension is 60 degrees or more. Testing tip: You can use a 6-iron to measure wrist flexion/extension since the lie of the club is ~60 degrees.

  3. Forearm Rotation Test: Begin in start position with thumbs up👍, rotate both hands outward so that your palms face the ceiling (supination), then rotate hands inward so that your palm faces the floor (pronation). Normal supination & pronation is 80 degrees.

Wrist & Forearm Body-Swing Connections:

  1. Hinging up helps set the club and hinging down is necessary for impact with the ball! 🎯

  2. At the top of the #backswing wrist extension of the trail wrist/hand is needed to set the club, and during the #downswing wrist flexion of the lead wrist/hand makes an efficient transfer of power from the body to the club, through the ball. 💪

  3. Both pronation and supination help open and close the club face (affects the short game a lot!). ⛳ Your #wrists have a large impact on the game. They are a very common site of injury across all ages.👦👨👴 If you experiencing any #wristpain or discomfort, do not wait for the nagging pain to go away on its own. See your local #chiropractor for a proper assessment and treatment plan!👩‍⚕️ Tag #swingfreefebruary & #drpricciardelli to show me your moves! #mytpi #stcatharines #niagaragolf#wriststrength #painfree #golfaddict#instagolfer #golffitness #golfpractice#golftips #golfcoach #golfperformance#golf #golfcoach

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