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Golf Body-Swing Connection 8/8 - Kinematic Sequence

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

At the end of the day swing efficiency will have the greatest impact on your overall golf game, and to achieve maximum efficiency, you must have a proper kinematic sequence. Each PGA & LPGA golfer's swing style is unique to them BUT they all have a remarkably similar kinematic sequence begin by generating speed from their lower body and transfer that speed through their torso, then into their arms, and then into the club - this is the proper kinematic sequence.

4 key points to know about the kinematic sequence:

  1. The sequence of energy initiation is: Lower body -> Thorax -> Arms -> Clubs

  2. Each segment of the body builds on the previous segment, increasing speed up the chain.

  3. Each segment of the chain slows down as the next segment continues to accelerate.

  4. The sequence is key to repeatability & consistency, and energy transfer/deceleration is the key to power.

Lets use the graph to explain:📈

Each line represents a segment which is indicated below the graph. On the horizontal axis is time (representing 1 full swing) and on the vertical axis is speed. You'll notice all 4 lines dip down at the start representing the backswing & where lines converge is at the top of the back the important part.

As the golfer transitions to the follow through, the pelvis (red) begins to rotate toward the ball to generate power & speed from the lower limbs; next the thorax (green) rotates and uses the generated power & speed from the pelvis to accelerate itself faster which will result in the pelvis slowing down (due to energy transfer); next the arms (blue) accelerate past the torso and then the club accelerates past the arms.💪 Finally, all the accumulated speed and power of the pervious segments is transferred to the golf ball upon impact which is why there is a sudden deceleration of all segments.

Players that do not demonstrate this kinematic sequence have an inefficient golf swing which leads to decreased ball flight distance, early fatigue, and an increased risk of injury due to over-swinging and increased stresses on the body.🚫

Things that can lead to efficiency breakdowns include poor mechanics, poor equipment and poor conditioning - your own body gets in the way of your golf swing!

This concludes the body-swing connection series!⛳I hope you all enjoyed my posts as much as I enjoyed making them😊If you have any questions please ask! Golf is a passion of mine and I love talking about it 💕🏌️‍♀️ 20 days till spring ⏳

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