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The Benefits of Resistance Bands

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Product number 2 on the docket, RESISTANCE BANDS 😁

99% of exercise & rehab programs that I make include resistance band exercises! 💪

These bands come in a variety of resistance levels, making them very versatile and beneficial to the entire population.👱‍♂️👵🏼🧔🏽👧🏻

These bands can be used for: 🔸️post-op rehab / all rehab 🔸️Strengthening exercises 🔸️Stretching exercises 🔸️Physical therapy 🔸️Learning & assisting in new motor patterns 🔸️Increasing diffuculty to your currently exercise routine

Some benefits of resistance bands include: 🔹️Decreased risk of injury, with the same muscle activation, compared to free weights 🔹️Ideal for rehab & posture exercises 🔹️Improved stability and core 🔹️More exercise options 🔹️Inexpensive 🔹️Perfect for travel 🔹️Safe for ALL ages

These products can be found in our office! We offer light, medium and heavy resistance. Kick off your new years resolution with a heathly start and pick yours up today! 👍 #stcatharines #chiropractic #chiropractor #stcatharineschiropractor#niagarachiropractor #rehabilitation #rehab #rehabtime#resistancebandsworkout #resistancebands #therabandworkout#theraband #healthylifestyle #beactive #resistanceexercise#strengthtraining #strengthen #stretch

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