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Golf Body-Swing Connection 2/8 - The Hips

Our #hips are meant to be mobile joints; therefore, it is imperative that #golfers can properly rotate their body around each hip to create #stability and transfer #power. 🏋️‍♂️Since there are 2 ways to swing a club (…I see you #lefties👊🏼), I will be referring to the front leg in your stance as the lead leg, and the back leg as the trail leg. Golfers should have 60 degrees of both internal and external #rotation in each hip to have an efficient #golfswing🏌️‍♀️. This can be tested by using the lower quarter rotation test. With your shoes off, put all your weight on one leg, bend the other knee placing your toes on the ground close to the leg being tested. Place your hands on your hips and rotate your body as far as possible in both directions.🔁 (You can use a club/stick to help visualize). To remember internal vs. external rotation – when you are turning IN toward the testing leg, it is INternal rotation, & vice versa. Lower Quarter Rotation Body Swing Connection: If you have mobility limitations on the trail leg, it will be difficult to keep that hip stable while rotating around it, and will often see players sway & early extend to compensate. If there are #mobility limitations in the lead leg, players may slide, early extend, or hang back resulting in missed and inconsistent ball contact. Tight hips are an extremely common finding these days due to our modern daily activities and lifestyle 💻. It is important to note that tight hips do not equal strong hips🙅‍♀️. To put it another way... if you pull on a single piece of string, it may be tight, but in no way is it strong. This is why it is important to work on hip mobility AND strength. Hip Mobility Exercises🧘‍♀️:

  1. Hip CARs: This exercise is meant to take the hip joint through its full outer range. Begin by lying on your side; bring your knee to your chest, then begin to rotate the leg & hip upward while turning your foot toward the sky; continue to bring your hip backward as far as the movement allows, finishing off by bringing the leg down to start position. Repeat this circle multiple times, then reverse the pattern. Switch sides and repeat.

  2. 90/90: Place both hips and knees in a 90 degree position. Drive your back hip into the ground by rotating it forward, forcing it into further internal rotation. Switch sides and repeat.

Hip Strengthening Exercises💪:

  1. Resisted Hip Flexion: Place a resistance band around both of your feet and one knee. Drive the knee into your chest, hold for 2 seconds and return back to start position. Keep the other leg stable throughout. Switch sides and repeat.

  2. Clam Shells: Place a resistance band around your knees and lie on your side stacking your hips, knees and ankles. Begin by separating at the knees only, squeezing your glutes at the top of the exercise. Switch sides and repeat.

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