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Golf Body-Swing Connection 4/8 - The Thoracic Spine

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The thoracic spine is the middle section of your spine and is a highly #mobile section meant to rotate, flex and extend with ease. Thoracic #mobility is important for proper sequencing (especially during the #backswing) and helps generate #speed during the #golfswing. Unfortunately, many golfers lack true thoracic spine rotation and often compensate with the #hips or #lumbarspine - often leading to #pain. Thankfully we can easily and effectively test both how well and how much a #golfer can rotate. ⛳️

Lets start with the torso rotation test, which is a qualitative test, to see if the golfer can separate the lower & upper body. Begin in set up posture with your arms across the chest, feet shoulder width apart. While keeping your lower body still, rotation your torso (above the belt) left and right in a fluid motion.

Next is the seated trunk rotation test, which is a quantitative test, to see if the golfer has at least 45 degrees of rotation in the T-spine. Begin in a seated position in an upright posture with knees and feet together. Place a club across the shoulders, holding it in place with your finger tips (not grabbing the club). Now rotate to the right & left as far as possible.

Common physical causes limiting thoracic rotation include poor thoracic (mid back) & cervical (neck) spine mobility, muscular or myofascial restrictions in the thorax and spinal muscles and poor pelvic stability.

Torso / Trunk Rotation Body-Swing Connection: Limited thoracic spine mobility is a backswing connection. Thoracic rotation is important to maintain a stable lower body and rotate around it. If rotation is limited (equal or less than 45 degrees), players compensate with over rotation of the lower body, loss of posture, early extension, sway and reverse spine angle -> which is the leading cause in back pain among golfers!🏌🏽‍♀️💥

Thoracic Mobility Exercises:

  1. Cat / Camel 🐱🐪

  2. Isolated extension 🔙

  3. Extension with rotation 🔄

  4. Open Book 📖

  5. Wall Angels 👼🏽

Tag #swingfreefebruary and #drpricciardelli to show me your moves!

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